Central and main orientation point in Amsterdam is Central Station (CS), that is central train station and aslo tram and bus station. After landed in Schipol Airport you will arrive likely to Central Station by train.

Transportation in Amsterdam is very simple, it's a perfect working inegrated system.

Almost all sights and attractions in Amsterdam are situated in walking distances. In the city centre you will more often use tram and underground. Outside of the city buses and trains.

All forms of public transport (tram, underground, buses and trains) use integrated system OV-chip card.

If you decided to buy an OV-chip card there are 2 types:

- anonymous (best for visitors who will travel a lot) or
- personal (only for residents).

Empty OV-chip card costs 7.50 € (non-refundable) with no credit. You can load travel credit onto up to a maximum of 150 €.

But more often you will use disposable or one-time use tickets very popular among tourist.

This is paper ticket with magnetic strip inside that can be discarded after use. There are standard 1 hour ticket, than 24 and 48 hour tickets depends on transportation company which can all be bought on board trams and buses.

Examples: Blue disposable paper ticket valid for 1 hour travel on GVB public transport including transfers cost around 3 €, than there are 24 hours for 7,50 €, 48 hours etc.
Train disposable tickets (NS Dutch Railways) carries a 1 € surcharge over the standard fare.

For more information check this websites for OV-chip card or this one for public transport tickets.

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